Flow Adapter R&D Test a SUCCESS?

flow adapter

What we learned, and how we can extend the ways to use the Extraction Finder​. Optimizing C1D1 instrumentation for C1D2 rated processes,

Software 1.2.3

Software 1.2.3 Smarter. Simpler. Sleeker. Version 1.2.3 features new molecules and a new, intuitive user experience. We are proud to officially release the latest Fraction Finder software update. You can download it here now: Version 1.2.3. New improvements and features include more molecular indicators, intuitive intensity values, region highlighting, an excitation peak remover, and more. Now, …

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New Software Update

Version 1.2.2. is Here! User-requested features. An enhanced layout. More innovation. We are proud to officially release the latest Fraction Finder software update. You can download it here now: Version 1.2.2. For the past several months, we have been speaking with users about Fraction Finder feedback – in-person, on the phone, and over messages. After reviewing …

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New! Optional Glass Extender

New! Optional Glass Extender Due to popular demand, we’ve created a Sensor Size Extender so that the Fraction Finder sensor can fit around just about anyone’s glassware. This is going to make the system’s hardware compatible and available to users who otherwise wouldn’t be able to use the unit. If you have standard size 24 …

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New Year, New Developments

New Year, New Developments In 2018, the Fraction Finder lived up to the hype and made waves in the botanical refinement community. We’re proud to say that the system has established its place firmly in the post-processing laboratory – as a tool geared for precise process control and as a complement to the traditional temperature …

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“As Long as It’s Black”

“As Long as It’s Black” “You can have any color you want as long as it’s black.” ~ Henry Ford; remark about the Model T in 1909 The FRACTION FINDER sensor consists of an optical light pulse and detector, acting as “the eyes” of the system. It wraps around a distillation set up condenser tube …

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Arometrix: Behind the Name

Arometrix: Behind the Name Behind the Creation The story of how Arometrix© was created goes a little like this… One day, two teams identified a market need in the botanical distillation industry. Soon after, they partnered up, with an ambitious goal in mind: to develop and commercialize an innovative technology that processors could utilize to …

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Firmware Update: How to Implement

Firmware Update: How to Implement At Arometrix, we strive to tailor-make all of our products to our customers desired needs and wants. As we’ve advanced our algorithms, add features, fix bugs, etc., we thought it would be great if we could give Fraction Finder users more than what we sold. Now, if you own a …

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Fraction Finder’s New Feature

Fraction Finder’s New Feature Our rockstar team of engineers, technicians, and chemists have been working hard to place their expertly-crafted innovations into the hands of lab technicians, distillation technicians, and chemists. The latest improvement has to do with adding the automatic setting of integration time to the Fraction Finder. In an interview with one of …

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