Firmware Update: How to Implement

Firmware Update: How to Implement

At Arometrix, we strive to tailor-make all of our products to our customers desired needs and wants. As we’ve advanced our algorithms, add features, fix bugs, etc., we thought it would be great if we could give Fraction Finder users more than what we sold. Now, if you own a Fraction Finder, you can download our latest, free Firmware update to your software in the field: Version 1.1.2.

(UPDATE: Current software release is Version 1.2.3. and can be downloaded here. More info on how to update can be accessed here.)

This Firmware update will make Fraction Finder systems more cohesive and user-friendly. The Automatic Integration Determination (AID) algorithm is perhaps the highlight of the latest releases. Instead of seeing “Exposure” on the display, you’ll notice “Integration” of time. Read below for important instructions on how to go about this Firmware download.

Warning: You should do these steps far in advance before using the Fraction Finder (~10 minutes)

1) Find the .fff file on our website. Copy the Fraction Finder Firmware (.fff) file to a USB flash drive. (It is preferred the USB flash drive not have other data on it, but it truly doesn’t matter if it does.)

2) Turn off the Fraction Finder.

3) Plug the flash drive into the USB port on the bottom of the Fraction Finder.

4) Turn the Fraction Finder on.

5) After the initial boot screen, you should see a Firmware updater screen appear on it. You will see the text pop up saying things like authenticating and extracting the firmware.

  • You will notice that it will relatively quickly hit 41%, then it won’t update at all for about 10 minutes. This is normal, and should not be considered bad.
  • DO NOT UNPLUG THE FLASH DRIVE UNTIL STEP 6. This can cause your system to become corrupted and unrecoverable unless it is shipped to Arometrix.

6) After the firmware update, you should see the software boot up as normal.

7) Unplug the flash drive from the Fraction Finder.

8) Delete the .fff file from the flash drive. If you don’t, and you plug it in, on boot up, it will try to update the firmware again, causing you to have to go through this entire procedure.

There is a new transfer function on the most recent updates that is the beginnings of getting your data off of the system for you to review with a companion app. Currently, it will copy your data in a special format onto a plugged-in USB flash drive, but that file is not human-readable. We are currently working on making the companion app for the data review that will work in conjunction with the transfer function.

*If you are willing and want to have input into data review companion app, we would appreciate if you would share your data with us via email (to This is completely optional. If you do decide to share any of your data with us, we will transfer your data into a human-readable format, which we will give back to you, and will perform analytics on it. This will also give you the opportunity to give us feedback about what you’d like to see displayed in the companion app. And, as always, we appreciate any feedback you give.

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