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SmartStart Training

This is a 1-hour private, virtual product training for customers that want to quickly get up and running with the technology. Typically the virtual trainings are 1-hour and are conducted over Google Meets, although, we are flexible and can work with your preferred video communications platform.

For customers looking to learn quickly

This training is completely optional, and was designed for those that want to rapidly learn how to use the technology. We have a bunch of free resources on our website. 


Run Data Consultation

This is an expert-level virtual consultation(s) with one of Arometrix’s lead scientist for run data analysis and process optimization. Packages vary (bronze, silver, gold, platinum).

For customers that want help reviewing logged run data 

The virtual consultation(s) generally consists of an analysis of Fraction Finder run data saved by the customer, followed by run data analysis and evaluation. Expert-level recommendations will be made for optimization of the process with customer goals in mind.

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