Fraction Finder ULTRA Sensor (Size 34 Only)


  • Fraction Finder optical sensor with ultra-sensitive detector; over 10X more sensitive than the standard Fraction Finder sensor
  • Magnetic locking mechanism
  • Anodized aluminum apertures
  • 90° strap rotation
  • Currently only available in size 34 form
  • Use cases include:
    • Chromatography (reverse-phase, D9-remediation, normal-phase, and color remediation columns)
    • Distillation (short paths, wiped/thin films)
  • Read our provisional instructions here

NOTE: If you currently have a standard Fraction Finder sensor, and would like to trade-in your sensor for this new, ultra-sensitive sensor, select that option. Once you have your order confirmation, will email you with the subject “Sensor upgrade”, so that we can exchange addresses.

Part Number: FF-US-34

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Fraction Finder ULTRA Sensor (Size 34 Only)