Summit Research 22L SPD Package | Includes Athena & Fraction Finder

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One of the most technologically advanced distillation kits currently on the market.

Summit offers ‘ready to assemble’ kits that come with a calibrated digital touch screen mantle and complete glassware setup. Comes with stoppers, keck clips and appropriate GLs.

In addition to the Fraction Finder, a purchase of any Summit Research short path package includes Athena, which is available for FREE and compatible with Arometrix & Summit devices.

Included highlighted features are:

  • Comprehensive Summit to customer tech support software with direct ability to see and diagnose any issues.
  • Open source sharing of recipes for any user to any user if desired.
  • Import export features for data and recipes.
  • Comprehensive no feature missed data logging.
  • Run start to finish fully encompassed fraction to run-time traceability.
  • Manual and automation mantle control and real time display with predictive logging.
  • Fraction Finder compatibility.
  • Apollo compatibility.
  • Techno Heat Mantle compatibility.
  • Complete ramping control with infinite sop management.
  • Sop manager compiles and creates active private resource for all users.
  • No network needed.

Locally ran, requires three USB ports or a compatible USB hub.

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Easy step by step installation can be viewed on YouTube.

Replacement USB cords are as follows for each device:

NOT INCLUDED IN PRICE: Apollo, Tablet, Sky Lifts, Mantle Lifts, Stands, Clamps

Features of the SPD-6 Package B Option

  • Fraction Finder for Short Path Distillation – Real-Time Molecule Monitoring System
  • Choice of Heads: SPD-6 Tall / SPD-6 Shorty / SPD-6 Nano
  • Techno Heat Mantle 22 Liter
  • Laminar Path Monocow #34
  • Boiling Flask #55, 3 Port, 22 Liter
  • Receiving Flask #29 2000ml (2 pcs)
  • Receiving Flask #29 3000ml (2 pcs)
  • Receiving Flask #29 5000ml (2)
  • CT-1 #34×34 with Hardpipe
  • CT-1.1 #34×34 Shorty Trap
  • CT-1 lock off cap (2 pcs)
  • CT-1000ml Flask #45 (2 pcs)
  • Hard Pipe for Cold Trap
  • #34 KF25 SS Adapter
  • #24 Thermometer Adapter
  • #24 Keck Clip
  • #29 Keck Clip (3 pcs)
  • #34 Keck Clip (6 pcs)
  • #24 Stopper (2 pcs)
  • PTFE Pill 28×70
  • Rodaviss (2 pcs)
  • GL14 (4 pcs)
  • Appropriate key well #34 for head choice

Fraction Finder Video on SR SPD

Frequently Asked Questions

What if I only want some of this equipment listed, or if I want to slightly modify?

If you would like to modify or add components (swap out for a larger receiving flask or add a KF25 plug), just call us, we can work with you on mostly anything. We will get you the appropriate quote.

Which fractions can the Fraction Finder detect?

During short-path distillation, it can distinguish what is colloquially known as “Heads”, “Main Bodies”, and “Tails”. Click here for a list of molecules, such as Delta-9 and more.

Summit Research 22L SPD Package | Includes Athena & Fraction Finder

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22L Summit Research SPD package equipped with the Fraction Finder to analyze molecules in real-time

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