Hashatron | Pre-Fabricated Solventless Extraction Lab

Hashatron | Pre-Fabricated Solventless Extraction Lab

Pre-Fabricated Solventless Extraction Lab

In search of a turn key ready to run lab space? Then look no further than our line of solventless extraction labs that are pre-fabricated to customers required layout & specifications to best suit their needs. Offered in standard 20′ & 40′ configurations with custom double wide and other configurations available.

The pre-fabricated labs include some standard features such as solventless extraction/post-prcoessing equipment, overhead LED lighting, wall outlets, work surfaces, exterior plumbing and electrical connections, and security cameras so customers can do their process with ease and focus in their own lab space. The space can be customizable to the customer’s needs. With additional services such as permit/layout drawings and onsite installation, the space can be catered to specified needs depending on what customers are looking for.


Standard Features

  • Solventless Extraction/Post Processing Equipment
  • GMP entry room
  • Liquid epoxy flooring
  • Spray foam insulation
  • White FRP walls
  • Overhead LED lighting
  • Wall outlets
  • Work surfaces
  • Deep well sink
  • Exterior plumbing/electrical connections
  • Security cameras
  • Exterior security lighting

Additional Services Offered

  • Permit/layout drawings
  • Freight/onsite rigging
  • Onsite installation


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Phone: 860-349-0468 ~ Fax: 860-349-1421

Email: Info@hashatronusa.com

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Hashatron | Pre-Fabricated Solventless Extraction Lab