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Meet the FRACTION FINDER ULTRA, featuring a brand new, ultra-sensitive sensor that is over 10X more sensitive than the original.


The FRACTION FINDER ULTRA is Arometrix’s real-time molecular monitoring system for botanical processing. This new model serves new processes that require extreme detection, such as Chromatography, as well as all processes that the original FRACTION FINDER can be used for (short path, wiped film and thin film distillation).


Features & Details

The (Ultra-Sensitive) Sensor

  • Uniquely built to attach directly to chromatography glassware, or onto our GL18 Chroma Adapter option, within seconds
  • Connects and transmits to the pole-mounted, high-quality display
  • Plug and play – instantaneously analyzes the mixture flowing through the processing machine
  • Available in size 34 only (fits 31-34mm OD glass)
  • The ultra-sensitive sensor has a new filter that allows it to be over 10X more sensitive than the standard FRACTION FINDER sensor

The Digital Display

  • Tablet-sized display mounts directly onto a lab pole
  • Connects and interprets the wavelength information from the sensor
  • Touch-screen interface displays real-time molecular information about the contents of your fraction/solution throughout the process
  • Compatible with all Arometrix sensor technology

The High-Quality Software

  • Molecular Selection – Select from a growing list of key molecules, including CBD; see full list here
  • Intensity Values – Track as molecular intensity levels increase and decrease throughout the process
  • Data Logging – Record and export run data for traceability
  • Software Updates – Upgrade to software releases easily from the field

Why did we create this ultra-sensitive sensor?

For certain processes, such as Chromatography, highly sensitive detection is essential. This is because these processes involve high amounts of solvent. The more solvent used, the more sensitive the sensor’s detection needs to be.

The ULTRA sensor contains a detector with an improved Lower Detection Limit, allowing users to track key molecules through high amounts of solvent AND better distinguish similar molecular signals.

NOTE: If you are an existing customer, you have the option to buy or upgrade to a standalone Ultra-Sensitive Sensor.

Lack of inexpensive, easy fraction monitoring during chromatography

Regardless of technique, chromatography can be a very complex process. The goal is to efficiently produce clean fraction cuts. In order to achieve this, operators typically learn by trial and error in timing when to stop eluting, switch fractions, or switch columns.

Without analytics, accurately timing elution is very challenging. It is common for Chromatography operators to look to pair their columns with on-site analytics. However, this can be incredibly expensive and data interpretation can be complicated. Additionally, most Chromatography processes don’t use UV detection as a gross source of flow data; rather; they extend the process with a long, thin tube where multiple sensors provide UV data readings.

Arometrix’s solution is a more affordable, easier alternative. Not only can the system provide real-time, in-line data during Chromatography — it can also be easily disconnected then used during fractional distillation processes.

Chromatography process monitoring from Arometrix

Arometrix’s disruptive solution is the patented FRACTION FINDER ULTRA. Processors refer to it while they are operating to view molecular levels and changes. By using the system in tandem with existing laboratory and processing techniques, you’ll have a wealth of additional information on which to base decisions.

For example, the data will let you easily monitor fraction peaks to know when to stop eluting, switch fractions, or switch columns. Knowing exactly when each fraction starts helps you with precise and repeatable separation of fractions.

Additionally, this technology is great for rapidly training novice technicians on the process, or standardizing processes across a large facility.

Applicable processes for this model include:

  • Normal-phase chromatography
  • Reverse-phase chromatography
  • Color remediation chromatography
Powered by fluorescence spectroscopy

Arometrix’s technology utilizes a principle known as fluorescence spectroscopy, a branch of science concerned with measuring molecules based on how they interact with light. The system uses a spectrum of wavelengths over time to determine the relative purity of oils flowing through a glass condenser or sight glass. This technique paves the way for precision and repeatability, which will yield a more consistent product over time.

Product Details

Every kit contains: 


What is the difference between the ULTRA sensor and the original sensor?

The original sensor is used for distillation (e.g. short path, wiped film, thin film). It is available in two sizes: size 29 and size 34.

The new ULTRA sensor is also used for distillation, but ALSO applicable for chromatography and glass conversion reactions. Specifically, it has an ultra-sensitive detector, new magnetic locking mechanism, anodized aluminum apertures, and a re-oriented sensor strap. It is only available in one size: size 34 for 31-34mm OD glass.

Does the Ultra sensor require a different display and/or software than the original sensor?

Currently, no; all of our sensors use our same digital display and software.

Can this be used for pesticide detection?

No, this system has NOT been validated for use for pesticide detection.

What is the electrical information on the display?

It is a low-voltage device that uses a power supply that is UL, CSA and CE certified. All of the components we use carry the CE mark. Specifically, we use a Tri-Mag Power Supply (L6R30-120).



Real-time molecular monitoring system — fractional distillation and chromatography

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