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The Arometrix EXTRACTION FINDER is a real-time molecular monitoring system that enables extraction technicians to maximize extraction efficiency on every run.

Traditionally, the extraction process has been more of an art, where technicians rely on intuition, extract color, past experience, and other subjective techniques to change extraction parameters. These processes were previously often dependent on collecting and sending out samples from pre- and post-extraction to 3rd party labs for testing to find areas of improvement. This is an inefficient way to develop, optimize, or validate an extraction process.

Arometrix’s patented solution is the EXTRACTION FINDER, a revolutionary in-line spectroscopic analyzer designed to scientifically measure the levels of Cannabinoids, Chlorophyll, and Lipids/Fats in the fluid flowing in real-time during the actual extraction process. The product has been peer-reviewed and certified by Pressure Safety Inspectors — 3rd party licensed Professional Engineers — for use in Class 1 Division 1 and 2 environments.

Three 1-hour virtual consultations are now included free with this package!

Extraction laboratory technicians and managers can utilize this real-time molecular data to inform key process decisions, such as when the extraction/soak is over. With the EXTRACTION FINDER, extraction technicians can scientifically track solvent saturation of active molecules, as well as undesirable compounds, to continuously improve extraction efficiency.

Key Applications

Hydrocarbon Extraction

  • Primary sensor installation location:  Right after the material column
  • Primary purpose:  Tracking solvent saturation to determine when the extraction process (wash) is finished
  • Secondary sensor installation location:  Right after the filtration / CRC column
  • Secondary purpose:  Tracking the separation of undesirable compounds from the solution to ensure clean output material and maintain QA/QC
  • Tertiary purpose:  Identifying leftover material in the extractor during a cleaning run (CIP) in between batches and ensuring equipment is clean for cGMP practices

Ethanol Extraction

  • Primary sensor installation location: Right after the centrifuge / wash basin
  • Primary purpose: Tracking solvent saturation

Solventless Extraction

  • Primary sensor installation location: Right after the agitation
  • Primary purpose: Parameter feedback for agitation optimization; QA/QC


Features & Details

Extraction Finder Sensor

  • Standard 1.5″ tri-clamp fittings for easy installation
  • Spectroscopic technology for instantaneous analytics
  • Intrinsically-safe sensor electronics fully enclosed from all fluid
  • Rated to 350 psi / ASME-compliant

Extraction Finder Digital Display

  • Touch-screen display, 7” LCD TFT
  • High-quality, feature-rich software driven by compute module
  • USB port for data logging and external communication
  • Laboratory stand bracket to mount to lab pole

Key Software Features

  • Molecular Viewing – View up to 3 molecules simultaneously via two different graphing options
  • Intensity Values – Observe numeric molecular intensity levels that correlate with potency
  • Data Logging – Record run data for traceability in our data review app
  • Software UpdatesUpgrade to software releases easily from the field
  • So much more! – Check out our newly added features

Product Details

Included in this package:
  • Extraction Finder Display
  • Extraction Finder Sensor
  • Power Supply with 10′ Extension
  • Sensor Cable, 30′
  • Three 1-hour virtual consults
  • User Manual
  • Quick Start Guide
  • Warranty Card
  • PSI Certified in all 50 states
  • ASME-U
  • NFPA 58 LPG
  • Class 1, Division 1 Compliant
  • Class 1, Division 2 Compliant
  • UL-listed components and conformance to UL standards, UL 61010-1
  • Read our press release to learn more about our certifications


Can this just be hooked up to any extraction system?

Yes! The EXTRACTION FINDER was designed to be highly practical. The enclosed sensor can be mounted to any Cannabis or Hemp extraction system via universal tri-clamp fittings in-line. Not compatible with CO2 extractions.

What solvents are these compatible with?

The product can now be utilized in extractions that utilize any of the following solvents: Butane, Ethanol, Heptane, Hexane, Isopropanol, Methanol, Pentane, Propane, and Water.

Where should I install this and how will I use the readings?

That depends on the type of extraction and your process goals. Please refer to the Key Applications section above. Feel free to contact us to chat further!

Is this C1D1 or C1D2 certified?

Yes, the EXTRACTION FINDER is C1D1-certified. This also encompasses C1D2.

Does this detect Acidified Cannabinoids?


Can I use this for applications other than extraction?

Yes. For example, the unit can be used in distillation, chromatography, and conversion reaction processes that utilize standard tri-clamp fittings.



Real-time molecular monitoring system — C1D1/D2 extraction processes

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