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Arometrix is proud to finally announce the new EXTRACTION FINDER is NOW available for pre-order! The unit is built for use during ethanol, hydrocarbon, and other types of extractions up to 350 PSI maximum. C1D1/C1D2 certification planned for Q1 2021.

Pre-order in January to secure exclusive perks:

  • Priority shipment March 2021
  • Private SmartStart session with Arometrix
  • 3-year extended product warranty
Key Features
  • Easy-to-install – Attach the AMP Extraction Adapter right onto sanitary end clamp connections in your extraction line. The adapter houses our optical sensor, which encloses it from C1D1 environments. It also includes long wiring, allowing the digital display to be easily placed outside of hazardous environments.
  • Instantaneous molecular monitoring – Track intensity levels of Cannabinoids, Chlorophyll, and Lipids in real-time. For example, for an ethanol extraction system, you might install this unit either on the saturation vessel, or on the filtration line.
  • SmartStart session bonus included – All pre-orders include a free SmartStart training session with our Chief Scientist. This is an opportunity to have your team educated on best practices. Sessions are virtual and private (1-hour).
Rapidly Optimize Extraction Efficiency with Real-Time Analytics

With our new EXTRACTION FINDER, Arometrix is completely revolutionizing botanical extraction. By tracking molecular levels, and how they increase or decrease over time, we give power to the processor and a path to greater extraction efficiency. Avoid over or under-extracting, and optimize yield, potency, and time.

Product Details

Included in this package:


If I pre-order today, when will it be shipped?

If pre-ordered by January 31st, the unit will ship in March 2021.

What changed from the original EXTRACTION FINDER to this new model?

We replaced the previous sight glass with an incredibly robust adapter, which is rated for the high pressures and operating conditions that are used during C1D1 extraction processes. C1D1/C1D2 certification planned for Q1 2021.

I’m a current customer, how can I upgrade to this model?

If you are an existing customer that would like to upgrade your current unit to this new unit, please email us directly for a trade-in estimate.



Real-time molecular monitoring system for ethanol, hydrocarbon and other extraction processes (NEW)

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